Experiment 120 is an itinerant programme of experimental films for young audiences initiated by the artist and curator Marie-Pierre Bonniol in the spring of 2020. Exploring 120 years of experimental films, Experiment 120 offers perspectives of different types of filmic expressions in historical programs, which also include animation, video art and films made by children. The Experiment 120 programmes can be presented to young and less young audiences, from any language and from any country.

Images: Yuri Muraoka, Nino Pfeffer, Patrick Bokanowski and Olga Radic, courtesy Collectif Jeune Cinéma.
Forthcoming programme at Lieu unique, Nantes, France, October 2020.

The programmes

November 2020 / Le Lieu unique, Nantes, France

Two programmes on the nature, the machines and the objects on Wednesday November 11th 2020. With films of Jill Kennedy, Jean-Pierre Valladeau, Pierre Rovere, Norman McLaren, Denise Batchelor, Maki Satake, Kate Woods, Woody Vasulka, Dominique Willoughby and Sabrina Ratté

In collaboration with Circuit (Mark Williams), Cinédoc Paris films coop (Mélanie Forret) and Cinémathèque de Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Patrick Malefond).

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October 2020 / Le Lieu unique, Nantes, France

Two programmes on Cinema, games and objets Wednesday October 14th 2020. With films of Marie-Christine Theiler, Patrick Rebeaud & Eric Reynier, Clint Enns, Andreï Tachou, Marie Losier, Jonas Mekas, Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Nino Pfeffer, Patrick Bokanowski, Hector Ghikas, Jean Sousa, Yuri Muraoka and Olga Radic.

In collaboration with Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Théo Deliyannis and Judit Naranjo Ribó).

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June 2020 / CAPC-Museum of Contemporary art, Bordeaux, France

A programme on language and writing, from June 2nd to July 4th 2020. With films of Takahiko Iimura, Doris Chase, Courtney Hoskins, Dae In Chung and Davorin Marc. 

In collaboration with Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Théo Deliyannis and Judit Naranjo Ribó)

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April 2020 / Original YouTube playlist

A YouTube playlist of 22 films covering 120 years of Experimental films history, compiled during the confinement for school pupils and our local youth community.

This playlist has been made in collaboration with my 8 years old son, Walter.

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Experiment 120 is open to invitations, collaborations and commissionned work!

Developed since Spring 2020, Experiment 120 is born with the confinement. Coated in screens, education to other images becomes even more important. Experiment 120 was at first a playlist, and is now an itinerant programme. We’re open to invitations, commissionned work and collaborations! also to explore collections.

Contact: Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Studio Walter, Berlin.

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The administration of these programmes is made in cooperation with the French production agencies Julie Tippex and Un-Je ne sais quoi. Counselling by Collectif Jeune Cinéma.

Images credits are in the corresponding programmes pages.