Studio Walter is the studio
of the artist, curator and researcher
Marie-Pierre Bonniol

— Berlin, Germany

NEW VIDEO Christophe Didier & Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Mes villes (France-Germany, 2024, 3′), still image. Painting by Christophe Didier

Current, forthcoming and recent news

19.01.2024Release of Canaux Sud-Nord, digital picture book, Studio Walter, Berlin
Canaux Sud-Nord is the fourth release of my picture books series and presents an exploration, starting in Rome, of the circulation of affects in a mixture of different materials: hard, soft, but also places, works, books and archives, in continuity with past generations.
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01.02.2024Un Été au Havre / Métamorphoses, Le Volcan, Le Havre, France
On February 1st 2024, I’ll be part of the annual rendez-vous Métamorphoses of Un Été au Havre about the transformations of the city, as curator of experimental films programme for children and associate visual art curator for Le Volcan for the 2024/2025 season. I’ll present my programming practice and a programme of films with artworks of Annabelle Verhaeghe, HeHe, Jeff Scher, Nikodio & Paatrice, Lise Lecocq, Christophe Didier, Johann Van Aerden. On an invitation of Gaël Charbaud and Camille Barnaud.
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28.02.2024Master in Visual arts, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
About 25 years after my first Master in Aesthetics and Sciences of Arts, I graduated with highest honors from the Master of Visual arts of Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. The jury was composed of Prof. Dr. Marion Laval-Jeantet, Prof. Dr. Christophe Viart, Prof. Dr. Agnès Lontrade and the writer, poet and performer Cyrille Martinez.
09.03-01.06.2024Exhibition Corps, Espace culturel François Mitterand, Périgueux, France
For the exhibition Corps powered by Agence culturelle de Dordogne, I’ve assembled a programme of experimental films and artists videos for children and teenagers on the theme of the body. With artworks of Lenka Clayton and James Price, Joël Bartoloméo, Pierrick Sorin, Sue Murad, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Kate Walker, Franz Höfner, Anna Vasof, Ana Prvacki, on an invitation of Pierre Ouzeau. The entry of the exhibition is free.
More information on the exhibition
29.03.2024Presentation of Video Volcan, a season of experimental films and artists videos for children, Le Volcan, Le Havre, France
March 29th 2024, I’ll present at 17h the season Video Volcan of experimental films and artists videos for children at the national theater Le Volcan in Le Havre, with the complicity of Etienne Charry and in partnership with Le Portique art center. This collaboration as associate visual arts curator for a year takes place within CURA, a season of visual arts in national theaters, powered by Cnap/Centre national des arts plastiques.
Website of Le Volcan
30-31.03.2024Livres d’images presented at Trafic #2, FRAC Sud, Marseille, France
My image books Livres d’images will be presented at FRAC Sud in Marseille for Trafic #2, an artists and independant book fair curated by Laura Morsch-Kihn. The books will be displayed on monitor through the week-end. At this occasion, my most recent book Canaux Sud-Nord will be presented publicly for the first time. Free entry.
More info on Trafic
09-11.04.2024Exhibition Corps, Espace culturel François Mitterrand, Périgueux, France
For the exhibition Corps powered by Agence culturelle de Dordogne (details upper), I’ll present to teenage audiences my programme of experimental films and artists videos.
More information on the exhibition
20-21.04.2024Experimental films programme for PICelectroNIC, Rotondes, Luxembourg
For the family event PICelectroNIC taking place at Rotondes in Luxemburg, I’m curating a programme of experimental films and artists videos on the theme of music. With artworks of Yuri Muraoka, Auba Gelabert, Damien Tran, Gheith Al-Amine, Nikodio & King Biscuit, Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Kijek/Adamski. More details will be announced on March 8th. On an invitation of Marc Hauser.
Festival page
22.04.2024Volatile presented by Cineversity at Nickelodeon Cinema, Genova, Italy
My short film Volatile (Germany, 2019, 9’47) is presented as opening film for Requiem for a Romantic Woman (Requiem für eine romantische Frau) of Dagmar Knöpfel (Germany, 1998, 100’) at Cinema Nickelodeon in Genova in Italy, on an invitation of Giulio Fabbri of Cineversity and Aleksandr Balagura of Flight festival.
03.05.2024“Finding Peers: From Fanzines to Livres d’Images”, Symposium Selfing and Shelving: Zines, Zine Media, and Zintivism, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Germany
May 3rd 2024, I’ll present a conference paper, “Finding Peers: From Fanzines to Livres d’Images” during the CFP Symposium Selfing and Shelving: Zines, Zine Media, and Zintivism at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz, Germany. The symposium is coordinated by Sabina Fazli, Obama Institute, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Germany and Miloš Hroch, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Full programme to be announced.
12.06.2024Bernard Stiegler, l’amatorat et les livres, lecture, Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire, Strasbourg, France
To coincide with the Streetfinds exhibition at CEAAC which is based on a collection of books found on the streets of Berlin during the pandemic, this lecture is part of a series of three lectures on the aesthetics of books and the relationship between books and affects. Drawing on the thinking of the philosopher Bernard Stiegler, this first talk looks at the amatorat, going back to its fundamentals: a relationship to love and a relationship to work, and the creation of knowledge, particularly in bibliophilia. On an invitation of Benoît Wirrmann.
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15.06-08.09.2024Streetfinds exhibition, CEAAC, Strasbourg, France
An exhibition of books found in the street, revealing the psyche of the city of Berlin during the Covid-19 pandemic, accompanied by a series of lectures on bibliophilia. In the framework of Strasbourg UNESCO World Book Capital 2024. The exhibition opening will take place June 14th at 18h30. On an invitation of Alice Motard.
Website of CEAAC
16.06.2024Images mouvantes, film programme, Musée Tomi Ungerer, Strasbourg, France
As part of the exhibition Images mouvantes, and in connection with the Streetfinds exhibition taking place at CEAAC, I’m curating for the Tomi Ungerer Museum – National center for illustration a programme of experimental films and artists’ videos on paper, illustration and moving image for young audiences and their families. With artworks of Lenka Clayton, Frédérique Rusch, Elena Duque, Dorothée Billard, Christophe Didier, Detel Aurand/Ute Aurand, Laura Ginès, Marin Martinie, Jacques Julien and Nikodio. Screening at 16h, free entry. On an invitation of Anna Sailer, with thanks to Alice Motard.
More info about the museum
2023-2024Die Ausstellung Les Immatériaux: Interdisziplinarität, Epistemologie, kuratorische Subjekte, Institut für Philosophie und Kunstwissenschaft, Leuphana-Universität, Lüneburg
I’ve been appointed for an academic year as research assistant on the DFG project Die Ausstellung Les Immatériaux: Interdisziplinarität, Epistemologie, kuratorische Subjekte, a research project on the exhibition Les Immatériaux which took place at Centre Pompidou in 1985. I’m assisting the art historian and curator Dr. Andreas Broeckmann with the the end of his research, and the organization of its digital archive.
More info about the research project