Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Marie-Pierre Bonniol (*1978, Marseille, France) is artist, curator and producer. She’s graduated in Visual arts from the University of Aix-Marseille, and Aesthetics and Sciences of art from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Active since 1993, at first with fanzines, and then with many different projects, her current main research subjects are experimental film, energy, shifts of perception, glitches and the myth of Bachelor machines, with a general interest in media archaeology, poiesis and hermeticism.

Her artworks, programmes and exhibitions have already been presented in several institutions such as ZKM in Karlsruhe, MUDAM in Luxembourg, Lieu unique in Nantes, Festival MV/Consortium in Dijon, CAPC in Bordeaux, Pointculture in Brussels, Palace in St.Gallen, Dampfzentrale in Bern and the National Library of Argentina in Buenos Aires.

Never too far from books and documents, obsessed by certain novels (Borges’ Fictions, The Invention of Morel), literary processes (Raymond Roussel, WG Sebald, Arno Schmidt) and dispositives (The Museum of Innocence), her practice takes the form of videos, photographs, drawings, installations, assemblages, programmes and texts, through dispositives, collections, projections, imaginary structures and fictions that have been quoted by the writer Enrique Vila-Matas in some of his texts.

Transdisciplinary, her work has multiple entries (literature, visual arts, experimental film), often in articulation with music. It follows, in its acts, the adage of the Argentinian writer Fogwill on “writing to not be written” in a general sense of self-determination, self-realization and responsability, with a strong interest in experimental and crossover practices. This interest also leads her curatorial practice, that she adresses as well to young audiences.

Often collective, her work includes since 2020 a collaboration with her eldest son Walter Duncan, born in 2012, within a general articulation of a part of her work with her family life, in a political and feminist perspective. She’s also the founder of the art and music agency Julie Tippex, curator of many programmes, and lecturer for Node Center in curating and production.

She lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and is represented by VG Bild-Kunst in Bonn for the rights of her visual works.

Photo portrait courtesy Marcelo Huici / BNMM, Buenos Aires, 2017.

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Recent video works

Korridor, 2020, 01:16 (co-director Walter Duncan) | Request access

Official selections: Long Distance Film Festival (USA), Vinilonga (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 7th Saarbrücken Days for electroacoustic and visual music (Saarbrücken, Germany), Festival of Different and Experimental Cinema of Paris / Under 15 section (Paris / France).

Screenings: Re:Voir Fluxus programme (Paris, France), Offenes Neukölln, curating by Naima Unlimited (Berlin, Germany). Le Lieu unique (Nantes, France), Les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil, France).

Press: ARD 1/Das Erste (Germany), Senses of Cinema (Melbourne, Australia).

Public collection: Stadtmuseum Berlin (Germany, still image).

Online collections: Naïma Unlimited (Paris, France), Cool Marbles Stuff (Berlin, Germany).

Associative collections: Thatalright (Taipei, Taïwan)

Distribution: Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Paris, France)

Volatile, 2019, 09:35 | Request access

Premiere screening: Dampfzentrale (Bern, Switzerland), with Bohren & der Club of Gore.

Official selections: Soberanía Audiovisual festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina), First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (Pinewood, UK),

Screenings: Semaine du Bizarre / Théâtre Berthelot (Montreuil, France).

Press: Interview for A99re9at (in German).

Transports, 2018, 15:50 | Request access

Babylone, 2018, 01:13 | Watch the video

Trois moteurs / Three motors, 2018, 01:55 | Request access

Still images of the programme Imaginary musics (2019), with the films Berlin Nuit (2018, 15:17), Helga (2018, 01:06), Austerlitz (2018, 02:36), Bourges (2018, 00:56), Babylone (2018, 01:15), Trois moteurs (2018, 01:55), Le cadre (2018, 01:20) and Transports (2018, 15:33).

Screenings: Komma (Esslingen, Germany), Traumathek (Köln, Germany), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), Festival MV/Consortium (Dijon, France), Arkaoda (Berlin, Germany), Treffpunkt (Leipzig, Germany), Semaine du Bizarre / Théâtre Berthelot (Montreuil, France).

The production of this programme has been supported by Musikfonds (Berlin, Germany) and Die Beauftragte der Bundersregierung für Kultur und Medien Deutschland (Bonn, Germany).

La Surface et la Substance / The Surface and the Substance (2018, 03:14) | Request access

Premiere screening: ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany).

Official selection: Bideodromo International experimental film and video festival (Bilbao, Spain) / Finalist (+ catalogue)

Collective exhibitions: Dialogues Nerveux et rebondissants (E/laboratory, Paris, France).

Wasser, project in post-production, 2019-2021

Residencies: Dampfzentrale (Bern, Switzerland), Le Bel Ordinaire (Pau-Billère, France), Studio RÊVE (Dunkirk, France).

Co-production: Disco-Babel (Vincennes, France), Un Je ne sais quoi (Tours, France), Dampfzentrale (Bern, Switzerland). Currently looking for extra partners.

Press: Indre Histoire d’Île (France).

Texts: Residency texts, Le Bel Ordinaire, 2019 (in French).

More information on the project (only in French for now)

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