A programme of experimental films and video art around the body for all ages, with artworks of Lenka Clayton & James Price, Joël Bartoloméo, Pierrick Sorin, Sue Murad, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Kate Walker, Franz Höfner, Anna Vasof and Ana Prvacki. The programme is presented within the exhibition Corps, presented between March 9th and June 1st, 2024 in Périgueux, France.

The programme presents films on the body, from its limits to its powers, but also its transformations and mystery, with a selection of artists’ videos and experimental films made between 1988 and now. With dancehall, hula hoop, a string quartet, body machinery, physically active communities together, but also not always easy awakenings.

The programme is curated by Marie-Pierre Bonniol on an invitation of Pierre Ouzeau and Agence culturelle Dordogne-Périgord. This program was accompanied by the hosting of several groups and classes from April 9 to 11, 2023.

More information on the exhibition Corps | Image credit: Sue Murad, Old North Church II.


People in order – Age, Lenka Clayton & James Price (United-Kingdom, 2006, 3’) 

Jeudi de l’ascension, Joël Bartoloméo (France, 1992, 1’45) 

Les réveils, Pierrick Sorin (France, 1988, 5’13)

Old North Church II (extrait) Sue Murad (United-States, 2021, ‘40) 

246 meter bridge, Rebecca Ann Hobbs (New Zealand, 2010, 2’48)

HooP, Kate Walker (New Zealand, 2010, 5’25) 

Utrechter Hütte, Franz Höfner (Germany, 2002, 2’40) 

Down to Earth, Anna Vasof (Austria, 2014, 7 min) 

Tent, Quartet, Bows and Elbows, Ana Prvacki (Singapour, 2007, 3’53)

Programme credits

Programme curator: Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Agence culturelle Dordogne-Périgord: Pierre Ouzeau, Isabelle Mourceau, Mathilde Beytout, Fanny Rousseau.

Thank you to FRAC Sud, FRAC Franche-Comté, Six Pack Vienna, Circuit and to the artists.

Venue info

Espace François-Mittérand, Périgueux

Experiment 120

Experiment 120 is an itinerant programme of experimental films for young audiences initiated by artist and curator Marie-Pierre Bonniol in the spring of 2020. Exploring 120 years of experimental films, Experiment 120 offers perspectives of different types of film expressions in historical programmes, which also include animated films, video art, documentations on artworks and films made by children.

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