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‘Volatile’ ist a short experimental movie edited around the fake synthetic music, done with the voice only, of Stine Janvin and her track ‘Glitch’. The film is made with images collected over a year on the idea of volatile, a term which covers in French both the volatility in chemistry and everything which flies, blow or is related to the air. Building an abstract narrative which mixes natural and artificial elements as the music of Stine Janvin does, ‘Volatile’ is also a contemporary portrait of cities landscapes in their tension between nature and urbanization.


Volatile (Germany, 2019, 9’47”)

Film by Marie-Pierre Bonniol (images, editing), additional images by Etienne Arras

Music: GLITCH by Stine Janvin, extract of Fake Synthetic Music, PAN, PAN 84, 2018

A production of Studio Walter, Berlin, 2019

Official selections

2021 Das Film Fest / Oregon State International Film Fest, Oregon, USA

2021 Alchemy Film & Arts festival, Hawick, UK

2020 Soberanía Audiovisual festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2020 Offenes Neukölln, Berlin, Germany

2019 Dampfzentrale, Bern, Switzerland (with Bohren & der Club of Gore, premiere screening)

2019 Semaine du Bizarre / Théâtre Berthelot, Montreuil, France (preview)


2019 A99re9at, Bern, Switzerland (interview in German)


Studio Walter, Berlin, Germany – mpb@studiowalter.com

Still image: Volatile, Marie-Pierre Bonniol, 2019 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

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