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Teaching Summer

July 1, 2020 10:39 am Published by

Summer will be studious: this Friday July 3rd, I’ve been invited by Amac Agence D’art Contemporain and CEA / Association française des commissaires d’exposition to be a guest speaker for the SHIFT programme along Madeleine Filippi, for a special session on the relationship between the artist and the curator. I’ll also start my lectures August 13th for Node Center for Curatorial Studies – Berlin with a course on Events curating & production, in four sessions. Enrolments are open: https://nodecenter.net/course/curating-events. Looking forward!

Korridor on ARD 1–Das Erste

May 23, 2020 12:38 pm Published by

Sich intregrieren: on Tuesday May 26th morning, I’ll be live with Walter on “Live nach Neun” / ARD 1-Das Erste to present “Korridor”, the short experimental film we’ve made together during the confinement back in March, and which is our contribution to the Berlin Jetzt! collection of Stadtmuseum Berlin. On the same channel than Tatort! I’ve got no hope to become B2 by then but it still should be fun. Wish us luck!

Infinite repertoire

May 16, 2020 8:47 pm Published by

Reading Yves Citton, I take myself to dream about an extended top 10 of the people I’ve felt and I think with, and on how Spinoza would take place in this, and then remembered that it’s something that I’ve actually already presented, back in 2014, for the first exhibition of Collection Morel in Brussels. Only two copies exist!

Info & download (PDF)

Glen Baxter, écharpe jaune

December 12, 2018 10:20 am Published by

Vernissage de l’exposition de Glen Baxter à la galerie Isabelle Gounod, Paris, le samedi 24 novembre 2018, exposition jusqu’au 12 janvier | Informations

Sounds unsaid, tracklisting

October 3, 2018 12:55 pm Published by


Haunted free jazz, spooky corners music, throats which can’t speak, blossom trees stories, secret tapes recordings, magnetic fauns, psychedelic boogie boogie, gemütlich exotica space music, waterpumps melodies : Laura Not invited me in September to do a mix for her program Sounds Unsaid which is now available online on Dublab.de.




Sounds unsaid w/ Marie-Pierre Bonniol
A composition of imaginary music pieces enshrining something bigger than themselves

00:05 Palix & Ève Couturier – Le Grand Moulin d’Ozon
02:03 Kraus – Washing dishes (Electrolux version)
04:54 Pierre Bastien – Wapiti Paw
06:41 Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Soundtrack of Transports (extracts)
08:02 Martin Messier – Field (extract)
08:20 Narassa – Starsuspense
09:30 Gamelan Voices – Mirrors in Mountains (extract), mixed with Narassa by Waltraud Blischke
10:09 Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Soundtrack of Transports (extracts)
12:18 Pascal Quignard – Vie secrète (extract, reading by Lise-Marie Barré on France Culture)
12:36 Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Soundtrack of Transports (extracts)
13:21 Gamelan Voices – Mirrors in Mountains (extract)
13:48 Lawrence – Nowhere Is A Place (extract)
14:56 Samouli Tanner – Iso Neuvo
19:29 David Cunningham – Water systemised
23:32 The Dead Mauriacs – Fauves magnétiques
24:31 Pascal Comelade – No Nat II
27:11 Dîtes-le avec un disque – Twist à Bébert
27:44 Arnold Dreyblatt – Meantime
37:41 Gablé – Haunted
38:15 Albert Ayler – Ghosts Second Variation
39:26 Michel Carrouges interviewed by Jérôme Peignot, France Culture
39:36 Isidore Isou – Poème lettriste et interview
40:41 The Dead Mauriacs – Sommet économique
41:51 Tipsy – Zenith
47:02 Pierre Bastien – Paper orchestra (extract)
47:21 Dominique Pettigand – La chaleur (extract)
47:28 Hematic Sunsets – Himmelsleiter (extract)
48:12 Vidéo Aventures – Une Vie Moderne
51:15 Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Cassettes Morel (extract)
51:19 Gramm – St Moritz (with extracts of Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Cassettes Berlinoises)
54:29 Pierre Louki – Est-Ce Son Sein ?
57:28 Cortex – Automne

Studio Walter, Berlin, September 2018
RR RER RERE | Imaginary musics

Picture by Laura Lot, bird by Ben & Julia.

All the playlists of Studio Walter / Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Une bibliothèque

August 30, 2018 10:18 pm Published by

Portrait de Jean Clam, Berlin, 2017-2018.

2017 – Playlists & BBmix

January 22, 2018 11:57 am Published by

My playlists 2017 are online on the website of Julie Tippex ! Avec Prescott, Tolouse Low Trax, Shintaro Sakamoto, Asmus Tietchens, Motohiko Hamase, Jimmie Haskel And His Orchestra, Bobby Lyle, Daniel John Jones, William Antonini, Blind Butcher, Randy Weston, Martin Messier, Four Alto, Anaïs Prosaïc, The Chap, Explorers Room, DJ Bunnyhausen, Damon Krukowski, Vulfpeck / Knower / Louis Cole and links to listen to it all | Playlists archives

The videos of BBmix 2017 are also online, with live recordings of Arnold Dreyblatt, James Holden, Borja Flames, Prescott, Accident du Travail, Colleen, Groupshow, Paalma | The video playlist on YouTube

Quiet motors

December 21, 2017 9:06 am Published by

Quiet motors, le dernier chapitre des Ombres de Buenos Aires est en ligne ! Avec des fragments de la performance de Pierre Bastien au Musée d’art contemporain de Buenos Aires en novembre, et d’autres ombres et souffles de la ville. En tournage, les derniers plans de “Berlin nuit” qui pourra être monté, je l’espère, en janvier | Les vidéos de Studio Walter sur Viméo