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The Dead Mauriacs à Ausklangfestival

December 14, 2017 9:02 am Published by

French Dead Mauriacs will perform at Hoerbar in Hamburg Thursday December 20th within Ausklangfestival 2017 with Zoviet-France and other curiosities. Very looking forward discovering live their Exotica-Meets-Concrete-Music that I’ve been listening too a lot in the recent months. A text I wrote about them, back in May, for the St.Gallen Imaginary musics event :

“In the garden of sighs, there’s only one stairs”, “Cocktails for the end of times”, “New exotic functions”, “Saturnalia” … With record titles written as in an imaginary library index, Olivier Prieur’s Dead Mauriacs have been exploring since 2009 the crossed spaces between music, literature and visual art, composing music as if it was a collage, and drawing as if it was a musical composition, with certain works dedicated to Jean Arp or Houdini. “The Golden Age of Artificial Inflatable Islands Or Ecstatic Free Love in a Ballardian Dystopia” is one of the multiple records of this secret formation, a sold out box-set of exotic concrete music accompanied by a fiction, setting the action of the record on an inflatable and motorized artificial island, where italian musicians meet GRM members.”

Listen to “The Golden Age of Artificial Inflatable Islands” | Website | Bandcamp | Discogs

Last album :Beauté des mirages(Face A : Chalet polynésien à pignon pour séjour-club – Face B : Résidence aztéque à colonnades (avec vue sur l’océan)), Discrepant, 2017 | Flyer by Olivier Prieur, The Dead Mauriacs