Korridor (Germany, 2020, 1’16)


“Confined in their flat in Berlin, March 2020, a Mother and her 7-year old son collaborate on a playful testament to creativity — a fantastical short made using only a clothes horse, a shiny hula hoop, and a lamp. In the process, they transform their ordinary corridor into a ghostly and experimental place marked by gamelan sounds and transfixing light imagery.”
— Long Distance Film Festival programme, 2020

“In the experimental corridor, to the sounds of a gamelan, objects become fantastic spectres.”
— Festival International du Film de Nancy, 2021


Germany, 2020, 1’16

Images and music: Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Production: Studio Walter, Berlin, March 2020

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Official selections

2020 Long Distance Film Festival, USA

2020 Vinilonga, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2020 Festival of Different and Experimental Cinema of Paris / Under 15 section, Paris, France

2020 Enimation International Children and Youth Film Festival, Maribor, Slovenia

2020 eviMus / 7th Saarbrücken Days for electroacoustic and visual music, Saarbrücken, Germany

2020 The Stone Flower Youth festival, Sysert, Sverdlovsk, Russia – Honorable mention

2021 34. Stuttgarter Filmwinter — Festival for expanded media, Stuttgart, Germany

2021 Obskure Ghent Film Festival, Gent, Belgium

2021 CineYouth / Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago, USA

2021 Interrobang / Des Moines Arts Festival, Iowa, USA

2021 Das Filmfest / Oregon State International Film Fest, Oregon, USA

2021 Festival International du Film de Nancy, Nancy, France

2021 Ibrida Festival delle Arti Intermediali, Forlì, Italy

2021 Changing Perspectives film festival, Istanbul, Turkey

Screenings and exhibitions

2020 Fluxus programme / Re:Voir, Paris, France

2020 Offenes Neukölln, curating by the Berlin office of Naima Unlimited, Berlin, Germany

2020 Collectif Jeune Cinéma / Les Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France

2020 Le Lieu unique, Nantes, France

2021 Zumzeig cinema, Barcelona, Spain

2021 Temporary Film Library / Collectif Jeune Cinéma, Mains d’œuvres, Saint-Ouen, France

2021 Videofenster, Köln, Germany

2021 Kino Berlino / Moviemento Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

2021 Cafe OTO, London, UK


2020 ARD 1 / Das Erste (National German TV), Germany

2020 Senses of Cinema, Melbourne, Australia

Public collections

Berlin Jetzt! / Stadtmuseum Berlin, Germany (still image)

Associative collections

Collectif Jeune Cinéma, Paris, France

Online collections

Cool Marbles Stuff, Berlin, Germany


Collectif Jeune Cinéma, Paris, France – transmission@cjcinema.com

Studio Walter, Berlin, Germany – mpb@studiowalter.com

Press photo

Still image: Korridor, Walter Duncan and Marie-Pierre Bonniol, 2020 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Press photo: Piotr Pietrus © Studio Walter | Request

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