— Tippex tops / Playlists 2021

Carte Blanche to Ben Russell, Vidéodrome 2, Marseille
Großes Kino, Kleines Kino / Abbas Kiarostami, Arsenal, Berlin
Festival BBmix, Boulogne-Billancourt – it was so good to have the festival to happen again
Tristan Perich / Infinity Gradient, Musica, Strasbourg
Jean-Christophe Roelens / Prométhée, Le Poème du Feu, L’Endroit éditions
Aksak Maboul (Figures) / Ute Aurand / Don Quixote / Laura Vazquez
with thoughts for Ghédalia Tazartès and my father.

— Tippex tops / Playlists 2020
GES – Anthology of American pop music (Faitiche, 2020)
Khaki Blazer – Content With The Hole You Fill in (Sun Ark, 2020)
Conrad Schnitzler / Dompteur Mooner ‎– Rare Tracks 1979-1982 Re-Edite (Erkrankung Durch Musique, 2008)
Material – Memory Serve (Celluloid, 1981)
Hervé le Tellier – L’Anomalie (Gallimard, 2020)

— Summer, with a twist / Playlist for Songs of Praise, Paris, June 2020

21 tracks, of French bands only, for Songs of Praise Radio Show

— Tippex tops / Playlists 2019

An album: Raymonde – Ce qui est en bas, est comme ce qui est en haut; et ce qui est en haut… (Vlek, 2019)
A double album: Stine Janvin – Fake Synthetic music (PAN, 2018)
A music video: Deliluh – Freeloader Feast (Telephone Explosion, 2019, official video by Johnny De Courcy and Maria Todorov-Topouzov)
A single: Lewsberg – The Smile (2018)
A YouTube mix: Lawrence (DIAL Records), 2002-2014 mixes (now offline)
A ritournelle: Steve Beresford – Comfortable Gestures (Nato, 1986)
A winter Marienbad: Arctic Driling – Interlude III (from Tree) (2017)
A time machine power track: Chris Clarke – The Gavel (Warp, 2003)
A power manifesto: Paul B. Preciado – Un appartement sur Uranus (Grasset, 2019)
A book and its writing: Christine Lapostolle – Ecoldar (MF éditions, 2018)
A museum: Kolumba, Köln
A short film: Lana Z Caplan, Errata (20:40, 2017, french distribution by Jeune Cinéma)
A swimming pool: the two pools of Merkel’sches Schwimmbad, Esslingen am Neckar
A swimming skill: nailing back crawl u-turns
Touring with Imaginary musics, discovering Iceland, doing movies and my first residencies ; a very very nice BBmix festival with the incredible return of Billy Childish ; being part of WAH, french mentoring programme for the gender equality in the music scene ; the general feminist empowerment and the thinking of Iris Brey ; my two beautiful and healthy boys.

The playlists on the website of Julie Tippex

— Tippex tops / Playlists 2018

Golden Teacher – G.D.D.B. (Green Door Disco Band) (Goaty Tapes / House Rules, 2018)
Jimothy Lacoste – Getting busy (2017)
Waltraud Blischke – New wood music (mix for Baumusik, 2017)
Eden Shoulders – Croisière Eden (2017)
Matias Aguayo – Run Away From The Sun (Kompakt, 2015)
Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge – Ich verliebe mich nie (Themes For Great Cities, 2018)
The Chap – I Am the Emotion (demo, 2018)
Lives : Facs, Vulfpeck, Khruangbin
YouTube channel : No Obi No Inserts
Arctic Driling – Interlude III (from Tree) (2017)
Samuli Tanner – Music for 1- Yr old Samuli Tanner (Sun Ark, 2017)
Peter Michael Hamel – Fire Of Holy Eyes (Vertigo / Wah Wah records, 1972)
J.G.G. – UAU2 (2016)
Charles Mingus – Hora Decubitus (1963)
Ornette Coleman – Times Square (live on TV)
Maggie Nelson – Les Argonautes (book Seuil / Éditions du sous-sol, 2018)
Doing movies, releasing a book, “Une bibliothèque” (Derrière la salle de bains) and a mix for Sounds Unsaid / too.
The 80th birthday of my dearest Helga de la Motte-Haber
Eventually reading Austerlitz of Sebald and being blown away.
Jean-François Lyotard / Érik Bullot / RR RER RERE
In memoriam Jacques Monory,
and with thanks to Marlène Archer, Keith Duncan, Constance Legeay, Thierry Legrand, Dalia Mansier, Marion Orel and Marion Pilliard for the work together and the help this year.

The playlists on the website of Julie Tippex

— Sounds unsaid, Dublab, September 2018

Playlist and mix for Laura Lot and her program Sounds Unsaid on

Listen to the playlist

With Palix & Ève Couturier, Kraus, Pierre Bastien, Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Martin Messier, Narassa, Gamelan Voices (with a mix of Waltraud Blischke), Lawrence, Samouli Tanner, David Cunningham, The Dead Mauriacs, Pascal Comelade, Dîtes-le avec un disque, Arnold Dreyblatt, Gablé, Albert Ayler, Tipsy, Hematic Sunsets, Vidéo Aventures, Gramm, Pierre Louki, Cortex, and extracts of Pascal Quignard, Isidore Isou, Michel Carrouges interviewed by Jérôme Peignot, Dominique Pettigand.

Detailed tracklisting

– Five tracks of Spring, April 2018

Eden Shoulders – Croisière Eden
J.J.G. – OR / EE / UAU2
Golden Teachers – G.D.D.B. (Green Door Disco Band)
Jimothy Lacoste – Getting busy
Virgine Colas – Limousin (rêche mix)

– Marie Tippex top | Julie Tippex playlists 2017, January 2017

One album: Prescott – Thing or two (Thoofa records, 2017)
One album repress: Tolouse Low Trax – Mask Talk (Karaoke Kalk, 2017)
One pop album: Shintaro Sakamoto ‎– Let’s Dance Raw (Zelone records, 2014, via Jan Lankisch)
One full discography and all year-long obsession: Asmus Tietchens (Discogs)
One track : Motohiko Hamase – Pascal (Newsic, 1988, via Etienne Tippex)
One blues track: Jimmie Haskell And His Orchestra – Weightlessness Blues (Imperial, 1959, via Wilfried Paris)
One spaced out track: Bobby Lyle – The Temple at Nara (CBS/Sony, 1973, with thoughts for Jan Jelinek)
A complementary (very) spaced out track: Daniel John Jones – Windows 98 Startup Sound (slowed 4000%) (2015)
Two tracks and grooves of William Antonini: Omicron / Liverpool (E.M.R, 1971)
One riff: Blind Butcher – Alawalawa (Voodoo Rhythm, 2017)
An other riff: Randy Weston – Tanjah (Polydor, 1973)
One performance: Martin Messier – Field (2015), live at Kino Beat festival, Porto Alegre (november 2017)
One Berlin concert: FO[U]R ALTO live at Spektrum (december 2017)
One screening: Anaïs Prosaïc – Eliane Radigue, l’écoute virtuose (La Huit, 2011) at Festival BBmix
One demo: The Chap – I am the emotion (2017)
Three Collection Morel programs: Imaginary musics (St.Gallen / playlist), Extraits de bleu (Paris), Capitulo de las sombras (Buenos Aires)
One radio program: Explorers Room on WFMU
One Mixcloud playlist: DJ Bunnyhausen – Parallelism: Fourth-World, Baroque Electronics, Ambient Pop and Electro in 1980s Japan (2015)
One rock & amour book: Damon Krukowski – Lisez moi (translated from American by Françoise Valéry, Editions de l’Attente, 2008)
One scene (very much enjoyed by the family): Vulfpeck / Knower / Louis Cole
Two new kids on the block: our beloved baby Marcus, but also baby Luc
+ editing my first videos and doing more and more artworks !

– Marie Tippex top 2016 | Julie Tippex playlists 2016, January 2017

One family band: Vulfpeck – extract : Dean town (Vulf records, 2016)
One track: Joasihno – Bell games (Alien Transistor / Morr Music, 2016)
One album: Nicholas Desamory –You Only Need To Know How It Feels To Believe (Staubgold, 2016)
An other album: Borja Flames – Nacer Blanco (Marxophone Records / Le Saule, 2016)
One concert: Zeitkratzer, Svetlana Spajić & Friends (HKW, Berlin, January 2016)
One earworm: Kraus – Dear Giulietta (self-released CDR, 2004)
One anthem: Lew Davies And His Orchestra – Hold me (Enoch Light / Patterns in sound, 1966)
One French record: Jac Berrocal – Hôtel Hôtel (Nato, 1986). Extracts : Minuit La Nuit, Azur
One Soundcloud: Hassle Hound (Glasgow)
One playlist: Jean-Jacques Palix – Méta-musique pour poussières célibataires (Collection Morel, 2015)
One exhibition: Collection Morel – Les machines célibataires (Le lieu unique, Nantes, 2016)
One programme: The Fantom Cinema (The Old Hairdresser, Glasgow, April 2016)
One artist book: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster – 1887–Splendide Hotel (Onestar Press, 2014)
One anthology: Richard Brautigan – C’est tout ce que j’ai à déclarer (complete poetry, Le Castor Astral, 2016)
One place and neighbourood: Fonoteca Nacional de México, Mexico DF
One hell of adventure: Moscow, June 2016 / Telex – Moscow Disco (Hansa International, 1979)
One hidden place: Casa Almiral, Barcelona
A German hit: Ideal – Schöne Frau Mit Geld (Eitel Optimal, 1982)
A weirdo disco treat: Jean-Pierre Massiera – The Last Tourment (Mucho Gusto Records, 2008, rerelease)
One photo: Love Supreme Jazz Festival, Brighton

– Dronecast 215: Festival BBmix, The Drone, November 2016

Chrome Hoof – Tonyte
Orchestra of Spheres – Hypercube
Lumerians – Burning mirrors
Deerhoof – The perfect me
Faust – Läuft…Heißt das es läuft oder es kommt bald…Läuft
The Chap – Woop woop
Young Marble Giants – Wurlitzer Jukebox
The Raincoats – Lola
James Chance – Contort Yourself
Felix Kubin – Hit me provider
Beak – Mono
Swans – Laugh
The Pop Group – We’re all prostitutes

Download the compilation

– Tender boys, Autumn 2016

Bogdan Raczynski – myloveilove #6
Post Industrial Boys – Post Industrial Boys
Ian Masters / Wingdisk – Rio
Macha Loved Bedhead – Believe
LEM – Soulstreet
Frederick Schikowski – In der Zeit vom Ärz 1998 bis Januar 1999 in Köln
Nicholas Desamory – Forget Remember
Shugo Tokumaru – Funfair

– Winter semester, Spring 2016

(Don’t Ask) – Nah Not Never (Deek Recordings, 2015)
Nicholas Desamory – Forget Remember / “You Only Need To Know How It Feels To Believe” (Staubgold, 2016)
Borja Flames – Nacer Blanco (Marxophone Records / Le Saule, 2016)
Hassle Hound – The Simple Wisdom of Railway Stations (Soundclound, unreleased track)
Pram – Music for your movies (Duophonic, 1996)
Jean-Pierre Massiera – The Last Tourment (Mucho Gusto Records, 2008, réédition)
Ideal – Schöne Frau Mit Geld (Eitel Optimal, 1982)
Kraus – Dear Giulietta (self-released CDR, 2004)
Joasihno – Bell games (Morr Music, 2016)
Telex – Moscow Disco (Hansa International, 1979)
Esquivel – Besame mucho (RCA Victor, 1957)

– Impressions of 2015

Hematic Sunsets – Tristesse aromatique (Dekorder, 2009)
Low – Belarus (Sub Pop, 2007)
Leon Michener – Angelus / “Klavikon” (Nonclassical, 2015)
Disappears – Another Thought / “Irreal” (Kranky, 2015)
Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa – Dimension Dive part 3: Deep Sea Dance / “Savage imagination” (Thrill Jockey, 2014)
Mahogany – Supervitesse (Track & Field, 2006)
El-G – Armelle (Le Vilain Chien, 2007)
Family Fodder – Hippy Bus to Spain / “Variety” (The state51 Conspiracy, 2013)
Gablé – Haunted (Loaf, 2011)
Jean-François Magre – Toujours un coin qui ne se rappelle pas (micr0lab, 2012)
Bona Dish – It’s a normal day” / “Zaragoza Tapes: 1981-1982” (Captured Tracks, 2013)
The Chap – Social Bob / “The show must go” (Lo recordings, 2015)
Ideal – Monotonie (WEA, 1981)
Mercenárias – Polícia (Baratos Afins, 1986)
Derrick May / Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings of life (Transmat, 1987)
Pierre Bastien – Noon / “Pop” (Rephlex, 2005) + “Blue As An Orange” (Morphine, 2015)
Xavier Boussiron – Des Demies Heures Longues Comme Des Westerns / “Musique De La Carte Du Tendre” (Suave, 2000)
Sun Ra – That’s how I feel (Philly Jazz Inc., 1978)

Brise-Glace – Restrained from do and will not (leave) / “When in Vanitas” (Skin Graft, 1994)
Camberwell Now – Working nights / “All’s Well” (Ink, 1986)

A compilation: Dronecast of Pierre Bastien (The Drone, 2015)
A groove : The Stepkids – Wanderers (Stones Throw, 2014)
A 7 inches : Material – Over and over (Ze records, 1981)
Two aftershows: Young Marble Giants at MIMI, Marseille and Meltdown, London
A book : Annie Dillard “En vivant, en écrivant” / “The writing life” (10/18, 1996)
A dance (a piano): Lino Friars with Sonora Matancera (extract on Latino Bar, 1977)
A Land : Mysteriana

Obtain the downloading link for this playlist (compilation of 24 tracks for the Tippex tops 2015, lentgh 1h56)

— May 2015

The Flying Lizards – Cirrus
Brise-Glace – Restrained from do and will not (leave)
Tony Conrad with Faust – Outside the Dream Syndicate
Squarepusher – Gong acid
Pierre Bastien – Silent motors, live at Pre-FAQ et démos Morphine
Frankie’s Crew – Somebody
The Chap – The show must go (final mixes)

— March 2015

Sun Ra – Lanquidity (That’s how I feel), The Night of the Purple Moon
La Femme – Psycho Tropical Berlin
Marie et les Garçons – Compilation 76/77
The Necks – Live à Copenhague
Pierre Bastien – Mysteriana

— February 2015

Colleen – Captain Of None (advance record)
Pierre Bastien – Pop, démos 2014-2015
Jean-François Magre – Toujours un coin qui ne se rappelle pas
Family Fodder – Hippy bus to Spain
The Stepkids – Wanderers

– December 2014

Ian Masters – Rio
Pascal Comelade – Détail Monochrome / Park Guell
Elise Caron – Mélange
Flying Lizards – Fourth Wall
Moss Lime – July First

— November 2014

Enoch Light’s action – Over, Under, Sideways, Down
Meridian Brothers – Salvadora Robots
The Raincoats – Lola
Kemal Rachid et ses Ottomans – Narguilé
Sun Ra – Medicine for a nightmare
Bortherhood of Breath – Toulouse 1977
Albert Ayler – Ghosts first variation

+ Aphex Twin – T13 Quadraverb &
Cyril Lefebvre – Gulliwogg’s Cakewalk

– October 2014

Moondog – In Europe
Pierre Bastien – Wapiti Paw
Pascal Comelade – Mieux que ses seins, ses bas-se-tiennent
Joachim Geis – Different Distances
Frederick Schikowski – In der Zeit vom Ärz 1998 bis Januar 1999 in Köln
Françoise Valéry — Dans le James Turrell