Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol, Playground (United-States, 2022, 1’55)

Synopsis in English

How to make electronic music at the playground? On a sunny Sunday, a mother and a son produce a handmade music handbook on the fly, assembling images into collections of bizarre rhythms.

Synopsis en français

Comment faire de la musique électronique au square ? Un dimanche ensoleillé, une mère et un fils font un manuel de musique faite à la main en accéléré, assemblant les images dans des collections de rythmes étranges.

Synopsis auf Deutsch

Wie macht man elektronische Musik auf dem Spielplatz? An einem sonnigen Sonntag erstellen eine Mutter und ein Sohn ein Handbuch für selbstgemachte Musik im Schnelldurchlauf, und fügen Bilder zu seltsamen Rhythmussammlungen zusammen.


Playground, Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol (United-States, 2022, 1’55)

Images and music: Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol

Production: Studio Walter, Berlin, April 2022

Screenings and exhibitions

2022 Film-Maker’s Cooperative, New York, USA (World premiere)

2022 Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2022 Bloc Books / Tennis Bar, Berlin, Germany

2022 Enimation festival, Maribor, Slovenia

2022 MikroFAF festival, Belgrade, Serbia

2023 Short Film Market, Clermont-Ferrand, France

2023 Children’s Film Festival Seattle, Seattle, WA, USA

2023 A-Film Teens Fest, Prag, Czech Republic

2023 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, CA, USA

2023 Cinema 3/99 / Xcèntric, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain


Film-Maker’s Cooperative, New York, USA –

Studio Walter, Berlin, Germany –

Julie Tippex, Paris, France –

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Walter Duncan & Marie-Pierre Bonniol, 2022

VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany –


Walter Duncan and Marie-Pierre Bonniol are an intergenerational creative duo living in Berlin. Walter is a 10-year-old child interested in animation. Marie-Pierre, his mother, is an artist. Their collaboration started during the first lockdown spring 2020 at home, soon followed by a broadcast in a Fluxus programme of Re:Voir. Together they make experimental video films, playing with forms, light, editing and music, which they make themselves, in temporal and formal intensities. Their creative collaboration has already been presented by numerous festivals (30+), including CineYouth, branch of the Chicago International Film Festival. Their works have also been presented by Café OTO, Anthology Film Archives and Stadtmuseum Berlin. Their short films are distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Paris) and Film-Maker’s Cooperative (New York), with the support of Julie Tippex and AG Kurzfilm. They are currently developing an experimental film about video games, images and media partly aimed at children, and are looking for production partners for this project.

Screenings, past festivals, press and info for the film Korridor

Alumni 2022: Oberhausen Seminar, Werkstatt der Jungen Filmszene, NFFTY


For each production, we always put ourselves in a process, a creative moment together, where our ideas combine, complement and bounce off each other. What happens there is concentrated, and most often quickly edited. We create together and it’s joyful. It is this circulation between our two visions and the energy that is triggered during our collaborations that we want to convey through our films. But also a certain manifesto for integrative practices, articulated as closely as possible with life, without hierarchy between the ages, for the absolute creative room that can be found in this space.

Marie-Pierre Bonniol, May 20222

Press photo

Still image: Playground, Walter Duncan and Marie-Pierre Bonniol, 2022 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Press photo: Piotr Pietrus, 2020 © Studio Walter | Request

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