Sounds unsaid, tracklisting


Haunted free jazz, spooky corners music, throats which can’t speak, blossom trees stories, secret tapes recordings, magnetic fauns, psychedelic boogie boogie, gemütlich exotica space music, waterpumps melodies : Laura Not invited me in September to do a mix for her program Sounds Unsaid which is now available online on




Sounds unsaid w/ Marie-Pierre Bonniol
A composition of imaginary music pieces enshrining something bigger than themselves

00:05 Palix & Ève Couturier – Le Grand Moulin d’Ozon
02:03 Kraus – Washing dishes (Electrolux version)
04:54 Pierre Bastien – Wapiti Paw
06:41 Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Soundtrack of Transports (extracts)
08:02 Martin Messier – Field (extract)
08:20 Narassa – Starsuspense
09:30 Gamelan Voices – Mirrors in Mountains (extract), mixed with Narassa by Waltraud Blischke
10:09 Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Soundtrack of Transports (extracts)
12:18 Pascal Quignard – Vie secrète (extract, reading by Lise-Marie Barré on France Culture)
12:36 Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Soundtrack of Transports (extracts)
13:21 Gamelan Voices – Mirrors in Mountains (extract)
13:48 Lawrence – Nowhere Is A Place (extract)
14:56 Samouli Tanner – Iso Neuvo
19:29 David Cunningham – Water systemised
23:32 The Dead Mauriacs – Fauves magnétiques
24:31 Pascal Comelade – No Nat II
27:11 Dîtes-le avec un disque – Twist à Bébert
27:44 Arnold Dreyblatt – Meantime
37:41 Gablé – Haunted
38:15 Albert Ayler – Ghosts Second Variation
39:26 Michel Carrouges interviewed by Jérôme Peignot, France Culture
39:36 Isidore Isou – Poème lettriste et interview
40:41 The Dead Mauriacs – Sommet économique
41:51 Tipsy – Zenith
47:02 Pierre Bastien – Paper orchestra (extract)
47:21 Dominique Pettigand – La chaleur (extract)
47:28 Hematic Sunsets – Himmelsleiter (extract)
48:12 Vidéo Aventures – Une Vie Moderne
51:15 Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Cassettes Morel (extract)
51:19 Gramm – St Moritz (with extracts of Marie-Pierre Bonniol – Cassettes Berlinoises)
54:29 Pierre Louki – Est-Ce Son Sein ?
57:28 Cortex – Automne

Studio Walter, Berlin, September 2018
RR RER RERE | Imaginary musics

Picture by Laura Lot, bird by Ben & Julia.

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